Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Favorites?

If you have been reading the paper or watching the news you may have come across the newest "it" story.  That every parent has a favorite child and that as parents we need to recognize this and work hard at appreciating all of our children.

So if you are the parent of one - you have it easy.  The favorite is clear.

I am a parent of three - and yes, I have a favorite.  I admit it.  But here is the thing - it changes on a daily, weekly, and sometimes even on an hourly basis.  My children are all very different.  There are qualities in each of them I love.  And traits I don't like so much... but there are days when one is my favorite for that day.

Whoever is whining the least that day gets my vote for favorite...or helps out the most...or just leaves me alone.  I don't think I am unique in my views. I think that we all love our children -and even like them most days.  But there are days or minutes when one wins out. For me,  that favoritism doesn't last beyond a few hours or days.  The "it" kid will do something to tick me off and someone else is "it."  I have been accused by my children of liking one over the other - the funniest thing is they each have made that accusation - so there is no clear winner.  I love and like all my children - some days I may just like one more than the others - and that's okay as long as they each get their moment to be the favorite.

Cara's two cents: Ditto. I always love my kids. But there are some on some days that I do not like. I am sure there are some points that they don't like me much either. That article you read is just another way to make us parents think we are doing something wrong.


Jenn K said...

I have a favorite big boy, a favorite little boy, a favorite big girl and my favorite baby...they're all my favorites in so many different ways!! We do what we can as parents and it will never be enough;)

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