Thursday, November 10, 2011

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I wish I could say I waa sleeping today and that is why I am posting at 5:45 at night, it feels more like 9 at night to me. Day light savings takes me awhile to get used to. I wasn't sleeping today - I was just running around doing errands. I had a million things on my mind to write about today too. Now I am posting from my iPad in the parking lot of dance... The first time I have sat since 10 this morning - unless you count driving (I don't!)

I managed to get a lot done today - including making much progress on the third floor. Happy about that. I also yelled at my kids a bit this afternoon - not happy about that. I had every right too mind you ... I just don't like to do it. There are days when I feel like the family doormat. Everyone is wiping there feet on me. I get fed up and start yelling. There are lots of things that get me going... Maybe it's the social studies notebook sitting on the couch for three days - don't you need that for school? Or the wet towels on the floor, the candy wrappers everywhere or the empty water bowl the dog is knocking around and no one is filling. Some days I can ignore these things - most days I can't. I don't ask my kids for much - though they would tell you different. All I want is a house that's tidy - where I am not tripping over backpacks or stray shoes. Not slipping on mismatched socks or yelling hurry up. Where things are put away, garbage taken out and beds are made. Is that too much?


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