Monday, December 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Down in the teens...

Not the temperature. It's been freakishly warm around here lately. Not that I am complaining...I will take mild for as long as it wants to stay around.

I meant the countdown until Christmas. 19 days. Normally I would be freaking thinking of all I have to do. I'm not.

I have gotten a lot done. House is decorated...some fun Christmas time "to do's" are checked off the list already. Lots of shopping thanks to cyberspace is complete. And it's not like I am so ahead of the game this year...maybe I have been doing it for so long it's time to get over the crazy, go with the flow because it WILL all get done.

I think the fact that I have regularly been giving myself a break has helped (finally putting my money where my mouth is). It can't all get done in one day. There's always tomorrow. I am remembering to put myself on my to do list. Squeeze in a hair do in the middle of decking the halls. I have too many years of Christmas snapshots where the kids are shiny in their new Christmas best and I look like I have been run over by reindeer. A mani=pedi appt. where I am forced to sit in a chair for at least an hour. A day out with the girls, missing a mom related thing that usually requires my attendance, but deciding to forgo the mom thing and do a Cara thing that I look forward to every year and would be sad if I missed it.

So I think the putting me on the list thing is working. Either that or I have lost my mind altogether and really have so much to do that I have blanked out and can't remember. Either way, it's fine. I'm baking cookies today!


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