Monday, January 23, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara:Face like a flag

"Some people have a face like a flag blowing in the wind"

Ain't that the truth. Not referring to anyone I know....heaven forbid. Ahem. I am thinking about Paula Deen.

I like Paula Deen, I always have. Does she make some of the most fattening, sugar and butter laden awesome recipes ever? Yep. Is she coming into your house tying you to a chair and making you eat them? No.

Should you make Skillet Fried Apple Pie for dessert every night? Of course not. But if I made them up would you maybe try one? Would I ever make The Lady's Lunch Burger? Nope not for me. Nobody says I have to like it or make it for that matter.

So what's with everyone from rag magazines in the supermarket to TV Doctors on morning shows getting on Paula?

She has Type II Diabetes and didn't tell the world. I bet she has gas now and then too but we don't need to know that. Everyone loved Paula. She was friendly, sweet, funny. She made some crazy things that people loved to taste but maybe would not make everyday. She was on every show from Oprah to Larry King. They were loving her then. Now that she has done the a disease she is fodder for nasty talk.

Paula Deen did not make you fat. Paula Deen is not responsible for the health of other people. Obviously she got diabetes from a life of not exactly eating healthy. But probably started eating the way she did from how she grew up or maybe due to the fact that she was a penniless single mom, with agoraphobia and two small boys to take care of alone. She started a business in her home cooking what she knew how and what people wanted and had her sons deliver them for her so she would not have to leave the house.

Everyone loved her story, her food and her. Suddenly now she is the Devil because she has Type II Diabetes. (faces like the flag...)

Well I'm not joining the witch hunt. Is she going to make more money yet now promoting healthier recipes and I think maybe as a spokesperson for Diabetes medication? Probably.
Are they a little envious? Maybe.

Aren't those TV doctors who I am not even sure have time to practice medicine since their on screen careers have taken off, doing the same thing? Aren't they making money because people are so health conscious? Aren't they getting you to watch with show promotions of "5 signs that you already have cancer...up next!" Aren't you tuning in now because well maybe that feeling you're having is a tumor??????

People in glass another saying that comes to mind.

Leave her alone. I totally relate to her wearing all her jewelry while cooking and not using pot holders cause they are annoying. I love her big hair and blue eyes. I love her "joie de vivre" and I hope when I'm her age I can rock the white hair, jewels and happiness like she can.

The rest can go eat bran.

Jenn's two cents: I agree - I find Paula entertaining - I have made her beef stew recipe (delish) and often cringe at what she is cooking (especially the hamburger/donuts thing) She is fun to watch- take it for what it is and cook what works for you.


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