Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Family Time

Yesterday was the Giants Super Bowl Champion ticker tape parade in New York City. Hubby had promised kids if Giants won the Super Bowl this time we were going. They won. We did.

Of course at first I thought...maybe I shouldn't take them out of school, since I am taking them out next week. Then I thought well, little one hasn't missed a day of school yet. (and I am SO not in favor of the perfect attendance award thing so that didn't matter) Big boy got an awesome report card, a 98 on his Chemistry Regents...what the hell. I didnt' even hem and haw when I called little one in this morning. School lady said..."oh is he sick?" For a split second I thought to say yes. Then remembered that he already told his teacher he was going to the parade and got some work to do that he would miss today. (all on his own...I didn't tell him to do that) So I said " He's actually sick of school today and I'm taking him into the city to the parade." She laughed and said "You know what? Good for day is important."

Thanks for the affirmation. But I knew that already.

We run everyday to work, school, meetings, games, dinners out, practice etc., and now with a college student living away it's not always easy to have family day. Diva was able to get away from college life for the day and meet us. Yes meet us. To see her walking up from the crowd on the busy city street, confident and mature was surreal. When did I get so old that I have a kid that can manuevre the city on her own? Good grief. Which only proves time's fleeting.

So we schmoozed NYPD blocking all the streets downtown every which way...(crowd control was underway) and somehow with schmoozing, quick moves and more than a little NY moxie found ourselves right up front. No one happier that my littlest Giants fan. Except maybe me.

His sister batted her eyes at another fan and he let her little brother right in there, in front next to his daughter. God knows how long they were standing there already at that point. We took a million pictures, talked and laughed with our NY Giant "peeps". Say what you want about NY, when we are together like that you can feel the love. Everyone was in a great mood, the weather was perfect.

I remembered to take it all in for a minute. Which in turn of course started to make me choke up.

Family day is important. No matter if it's in NYC at a ticker tape parade, or with a bowl of popcorn on the couch watching a movie. Time is fleeting. Tomorrow is for meetings, laundry, work and school. Remember to make the time today.


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