Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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I watched two movies on Netflix recently.  The first was reccomended by my sister, "Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead."  It is the story of an Austrailan business man who has a myriad of health issues and decided to juice for 60 days while travelling across the USA.  It's a great lesson in self-control, in the power of the body and an advertisement for the statement you are what you eat.  As he travels across the US, Joe meets lots of Americans in need of a health check. He introduces them to juicing and some of the results are just amazing.  At the end of the movie you are invited to visit the web site to continue the conversation.  Watch it for yourself and then see what you think.   Ballerina had recently asked me for a juicer for her birthday.  While staying with my sister, she was introduced to fresh apple juice and has been wanting more ever since. I am thinking about it - but it means more work for me.  Instead of just opening a bottle of juice, I would have to buy the apples and juice them each day.  We have become so dependent on convienence, it is hard to get back to nature.

The othere movie I watched was Forks over Knives. This was a movie reccomended to my boy in health class. The premise is that a whole food, plant based diet is the way to go.  It promotes being a vegan with all the scientific research to back it up.  Again, an alternate way to live your life.  The scientific data is compelling (if not sleep inducing at times) and really makes you think about adding more greens to your diet.  Dairy products were also brought into questions - but I am not ready to give up my Oikos Greek Yogurt just yet. There are so many conflicting reports, it's hard to sort through it all the information of what truly is the best way to fuel your body. It becomes a matter of trial and error and what makes you feel your best.  A cookie ususally works for me.

The biggest problem with eating healthy is it is expensive.  Junk and processed food are so much cheaper than fruits, vegetables and unproccessed meat.  A recent trip to Trader Joe's, where I purchased mainly produce and a few snacks,  cost me $114 bucks.  Somehow it seems it should be the reverse.  Watching both these movies gave me a different view of how what our bodies need and definitely something to think about. 

As I age, my health is definitely more in the forefront of my mind.  I don't want to stop the aging process but I wouldn't mind slowing it down a bit and if eating more greens will help me do it then I am all for it even if it means kale in a blender.

Cara's two cents: Edamame baby!! Lol


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