Monday, March 19, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Ain't in it for the money...

Have nothing very moving or deep to blog about today. I totally skipped Friday. Why? At school all day for PTA functions.

Spent most of late Sunday doing PTA stuff. I am not complaining. (really!), even though the pay (what pay?) stinks...I have come to the conclusion I don't mind it all that much as long as I feel like I am not a one man show. And perhaps the PTA gods are smiling down but lately things seem to be coming together. I hope I don't speak too soon.

That said it makes some other things like blogging, taking down of St Patty's Day decorations (it's the 19th for crying out loud they must come down)...hence the reason I was changing my outside flag at 10 p.m. last night. St Patty's was fun. I'm over it. Onward to Spring.

This week is filled with PTA, 9 million sport practices, Mayberry "functions" and still trying to find something to wear, dammit. In between I am hoping to find something deep to blog about. It ain't looking too good...


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