Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Don't pass up the chance

"Don't ever pass up a good chance to shut up." ~ Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil-isms make me crack up. This one made me "lol" as I was going about my afternoon putting away laundry.

But really it's good advice. I can have a tendancy to want to save the world (or at least the people that are in mine).

Sometimes you need to just be quiet. Not get involved in other people's drama, even when you know what the right thing for them to do is. I won't be quiet when I am asked flat out what I think. Sometimes that is met with annoyance...but my answer to that is "well you asked!"

I have had several occasions lately where I took the shut up advice. At the time it was because I am trying not to be a gossip hound. I am finding it's virtually impossible. Maybe I am weak. But at the very least I am editing what comes flying out of my mouth and to whom it fly out with.

But after hearing Dr. Phil say that, I may think to myself..."is this a good time to shut up?" I have a feeling the answer may be yes more than I'd like to admit. But it seems after shutting up, afterwards I was glad I did.


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