Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Sleepless

I didn't sleep last night and it shows.  The bags under my eyes are tell tale signs of my restless night (s).  I think they have moved in permanently - not sure who you see for bags - dermatologist? Plastic Surgeon? Allergist?  All I know is they need to go... there isn't enough concealer in the world to wipe out these puppies.

Why didn't I sleep last night? Well the heat for one - no A/C in my house.  Not ready to put in the window one yet - it such a pain in the ass and we all end up yelling at each other - one of these days its going to go right out that window. 

As I was getting in to bed, my 9 year old, my baby, who turns double digits tomorrow, comes into my room and says don't forget about my cupcakes.  SHIT! Yes, I had in fact forgotten about the cupcakes.  Fortunately I have today to get my act together and make the most magical, beautiful butterfly cupcakes. I am not a fly by night kinda gal.  I like to plan ahead and be prepared.  So this morning at 8 a.m, my killer bags and I went out to the grocery store to get everything to make those butterflies.  Make that 3 grocery stores - searching for fruit slices (got em) and licorice whips (working on it)  I also had to get gifts for the birthday girl from her siblings.  I, of course had taken care of things, they had  not and it being a long, leisurely, weekend, no one thought to go get something for their sisters birthday.  I prayed not to run into anyone.  I left my sunglasses on in the stores.  I did what I needed to do and I came home to turn my oven on and bake when its 85 degrees outside.  Okay whatever, I am over it.

Birthdays are a BIG deal in my house.  You don't get gifts all year long.  You get gifts on Christmas and your birthday.  That's it.  Tomorrow I am picking said birthday girl and a friend up from school early.  We are going to build-a-bear - that's what she wanted - I have never been in one.  We will come home to Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and then head off to her Chorus concert.

I have checked my list - its almost complete  - hopefully nothing will keep me up tonight and I can send those bags packing.  What keeps you up?


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