Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Tis morning there was a report out that Mayor Bloomberg, the mayor of New York city, wants to ban drinks over 16 ounces. Supposedly to cut down on the obesity problem. I have an issue with this. Not that I drink soda or surgery drinks, because I don't, but there is something called free will people. Adults should not be told what they can and cannot drink or what size for that matter. If NYC bans large drinks then what will stop people from buying two smaller ones? Are you going to regulate how many you can buy next.

Yes, there is an obesity problem in this country. Education, not restriction, is the answer. Holding people accountable for their own health is the answer. Offering a national program, like weight watchers, for free is an answer. People will continue to eat poorly unless good, healthy, food is am available to everyone. It's much cheaper to eat poorly than to eat well. A gallon of milk is more expensive than a gallon of gas. Why doesn't the mayor address that issue? White bread is .99 cents a loaf but wheat is $3 +. Where is the logic in that? If you want to cut out the obesity problem, make fruit affordable and chips more than gasoline - maybe that will get people to think twice.

The government can't turn us into a nation of babies - looking to them to control every aspect of our lives. Actually, maybe that's exactly what they are trying to do....what's next? How many children we can have?


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