Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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This week my Lu is a "single" child. She's not an only because she has the experience behind her of growing up with a brother & sister. With Ballerina away at camp these past 4 weeks both boy & Lu have gotten to be "singles." Boy & I spent a lot more time together last week with both his sisters gone. We had conversations that went uninterrupted and we had a good, if not quiet week. We did some shopping, we went to lunch, we hung out and watched TV. I also had a lot of me time while he was at work or out with friends. I enjoyed the quiet but found myself a bit lonely. Then Lu returned from her week away with Auntie N and the peace was shattered. The two of them tend to bicker a lot. He says she's a brat, she says he's mean and I say Calgon take me away! I was glad to see boy go and restore some peace in the house - I used to say if you got rid of one kid for a bit there was peace - not I think I need two gone at a time to feel that!

Lu doesn't like being single - and neither do I. She normally requires a lot of attention - now magnify that by 100 and it can be draining on a mother. I can only play so many card or board games. She keeps telling me she's lonely. I can't spend my day playing with her. I am thinking a trip to the movies might be on the schedule today. I give parents of only children a lot of credit - with no other kids around to distract that child, you have to be so much more involved in every day details. On the other hand, the not having to listen to the fighting between siblings speaks volumes to having only one.

Today is my Ballerina's 14th Birthday - hard to believe. The past 14 years have passed in such a whirlwind. It is also the first time I won't be with her on her birthday. I mailed packages to camp. I have a local bakery delivering two dozen cupcakes today. I will call her later but it's not quite the same. I can't wait to see her Friday and give her birthday hugs & kisses.

August should be complete bedlam. All three children will be home with no scheduled activities - isn't that what summer is all about? Let's hope I survive!


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