Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Must be that time of year again. I am out and about "errand-ing" and doing huge food shopping runs. Things are more sporadic in the summer I guess as far as food shopping jaunts and errands. I guess in the summer I don't plan my day around those things. (wow I need a life!)

So yeah about that picture up there (those e-card things make me die laughing). What the heck? (as my favorite ten year old says CONSTANTLY...which is better than WTF so I will take it). Don't mess up my bagging situation after I have set everything up in my cart and then put it so on the belt only to have you put my frozen broccoli with my toilet paper. I have 400 other places to go before my crap melts all over the back of my minivan. Thank you very much. Oh and hey! You are still an orangutan!!! Nothing has changed over the summer. Hello, thank you etc...would be GREAT! Although there's something strangely comforting in the same old non-greeting at the supermarket. Feels like a comfy old beat up sweatshirt.

While I had other things to ummm...about this morning, I will stick to the errand rant for now. I was in HomeGoods yesterday, which I love, love, love. And add to the mix a handful of birthday gift cards that have been burning a hole in my pocket? Heaven. But an extremely cranky Orangutan in Charge was messing with my bliss. I observed her speaking to someone who was apparently  a newer employee (Are you new? One of my favorite phrases...and if you are then you will be cut some slack, otherwise you are annoying).

OIC was very rude to this newbie. She apparently had her cart that was stacked to the freaking ceiling with what seemed like pillow cases that she was sorting and putting out to be sold (sounds like fun huh?) somewhat blocking an aisle. "SHE CANNOT DO THAT" I heard OIC say, not really under her breath to herself. She went over and loudly spoke to this person and reprimanded her for doing this ungodly thing with her cart. Really?

I mean, OK she was kinda blocking the aisle. The store wasn't crowded. She was in the back corner minding her business doing her job. I could tell she was the kind of person had someone really needed to get by she would move her cart. She said nothing really in response to the OIC. I on the other hand, wanted to throw the so very cute silver pumpkin I was holding (no I didn't buy it I have ENOUGH pumpkins...are you new?) and throw it at her head. But I refrained, as getting arrested was not on my to do list that morning. But when OIC stomped away to apparently chew on a tin can or eat some raw meat...I walked over to the nice employee and said (quietly) "I just saw that and she is a bi%tch." She looked at me for a second then busted out laughing. "Thanks", she said. "My pleasure, carry on" I said. Then I happily went to pay for my cart full of SIDRN. (Sh%$ I Don't Really Need). I needed the square baking pan but the rest of the stuff not so much.

So it must be Autumn and the Tales from the Front Line will keep on giving me fodder for blogging I am sure!


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