Thursday, October 4, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Cara: The middle lane

I had two separate conversations the other day with people about life moving too fast, kids growing up too quickly (literally and figuratively).

I have decided I like the middle, the middle lane if you will. I like "driving" a little faster than the speed limit. I cannot stand to be in the right (read slow) lane for too long. People driving exactly the speed limit, can't go one mile and hour faster, gotta follow the rules to the letter. Or, some driving too slow under the speed limit afraid to step on the dam gas. Or, idiots who do not know how to merge into oncoming traffic and mess up the flow. Grrr.

I do sometimes enjoy the fast lane. If I'm in a hurry, or there's slowness going on the in the middle lane. (that's what the right lane is for buddy! (curses in car when no one can hear her) I don't spend an especially long amount of time there. I enjoy it for awhile going even a little faster than the middle lane. But eventually some jerk in a fancier than mine car, I mean I am still driving a minivan, (sighs) rides up my ass and reminds me that I am really a middle lane kind of gal. And I reluctantly move back over to the middle.

What I like about the middle is there are choices. I am not stuck going too fast or too slow for long.

Things or people I still have control over for now (read offsprings) I like to keep in the middle. There's no "too much too soon" or "too much undeserved just because" even though that is really hard sometimes. But there's no holding back as much as I may want to keep things the same or keep them little for another's no good for them or me.

So I think I will keep to the middle...if the people that want to rush their kids life along, or some want to remain stuck in the slow lane then that's fine. Just get out of my way and don't ride my ass and try to rush me or my kids along. We are all just cruising in the middle lane. 


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