Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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I am a maker of lists.  From to do lists to spelling lists to grocery list to chores for the kids.  I used to write them on a pad & cross off what I accomplished.  Now I keep them on my iPad & delete what I have done.  The sense of accomplishment is much greater when I can see the tasks crossed off versus deleted.  Yesterday I started a compromise.  I still put my list on my iPad - so it's on my iPhone too (thank you cloud) but I also print it now so I have a hard copy to hang up so everyone can see all the things I have to do.  My boy asked me yesterday what I did all day.... that annoys me.  I don't know why - I guess I just don't feel I have to justify my days to anyone .... Especially a 16 year old.  Today I will hang my list front & center & cross off all I have done.  Sometimes my kids ask if I need help with anything,  I usually say No.  Today I will tell them to take a task off the list. I don't usually get it all done in one day - I just roll it over to the next.  It's 11:30 now & I have taken care of the kitchen & made dinner.  I better get moving.  Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 2nd
Unload/load dishwasher/clean kitchen (everyday)
Make dinner
Laundry (everyday)
Pick up dry cleaning
Mop kitchen floors
Dust / straighten dining room
Dust /Vacuum first floor/stairs
Plant mums
Clean pool
Call vet
Call for hair appt (boy)
Call dr. For Lu

Today's activities
Chorus 8 am
Ballet 5:30 - 9
Cheer leading 6-7:30


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