Thursday, October 11, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Pumpkins gone wild....

'Tis the season! No not THAT season yet. Pumpkin season or as it seems around here there this week... pumpkins gone wild!

I have been hemming and hawing about those fake pumpkins they sell in the craft stores...they look real enough. And on sale they would end up costing as much as a trip to the real pumpkin patch. A savings even if I got to use them for more than one season! So I bought some.

 A new obsession is metallic spray paint. I was going to make a topiary kinda like a did a couple years ago but I decided I wasn't thrilled with the uniform shapes.

Plus the metallic EVERYWHERE is too much even for me.
after I sprayed this pumpkin that I have had for about 10 was on it's way out this year until I gave him a face lift :)

So I did spray them but they're not going outside I have other plans for them....

Bought a few of these oblong ones..this one was for pumpkins? Bah!

and turned them into these

and one for a friend....  

then found this idea...all you need is a pumpkin duh, (real or fake) Mod Podge (love!!!) and tissue paper in the design of your choice.

 Ta daaaa

This pumpkin is about 5 years old just sitting in it's usual spot minding it's business...

it didn't stand a chance...

the one on the right either can you say OCD?

Apparently pumpkin-ing is contagious...Jenn did this today on her front porch...too stinkin' cute!!
(Real pumpkin in this one)

 Not to say I don't have plans to go pumpkin picking and get the real deal...but with all this pumpkin on the brain I may have imploded if I had to wait until our trip to the pumpkin patch! Of course I am not done in my pursuit of pumpkins (OCD hello???) more to come. For now I am stepping away from the spray paint. For now....


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