Tuesday, December 11, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: 15 days

15 days.  You know what I am talking about.  15 days until the big day.  Christmas.  The birth of our lord.  14 days left to shop & wrap & make sure Santa has crossed all her his t's and dotted his i's. 

Somewhere along the line, Christ was left out of Christmas.  Now it is all about the decorating, the shopping, the cooking and the STRESS of finding the elusive doll (yep - every year) that is impossible to get unless you are A) lucky or B) willing be to high jacked on Ebay (not).

I used to love the shopping, the planning, the excitement of Christmas.  Parts of it I still do.  I love the decorating.  I love the way my house looks at Christmas.  I don't love driving from store to store whose online counterpart says in-stock store only - confirms its there sitting on the shelf and when you get there - nope sorry, out of stock.  Worse though,  than making yourself crazy to get everything on "the" list - is the kids who is big enough to know and decides not to make a list.  To insist there is "Nothing I want" for Christmas.  How do you explain that? No presents for boy under the tree cause he doesn't want any? So now its up to me to fill in and guess - you know I'll get it wrong. 

Next week is Nutcracker hell week.  I will be driving my daughter to ballet more that ever - longer hours - theater rehearsals - no rest for either of us.  This week I must complete Christmas - thank you Amazon.

Tomorrow my pal Cara has arranged a day to give back.  Many families from our part of the island are still without - everything - because of Hurricane Sandy.  No heat, no power, no houses for some.  The displacement is amazing.  Tomorrow a group of us will get together to stuff cosmetic bags donated by a large cosmetic company with essentials.  Shampoo & soap & things that make us feel human. I am sure there will be many grateful people who receive these bags - not caring about Monster High dolls or Christmas presents, just worrying about where their next meal is coming from or how they are going to get their house back to livable.

Tomorrow I will put all the Christmas clutter out of my brain and just think about those who need our help - even if its just a bag of lip gloss and a comb - to make a minute of happiness for someone.  Today I will try to accomplish as much as possible - and somehow figure out if I can let the rest of it go.  My biggest challenge should not be how to get that doll - but what kind of cake I am making with my girls - they asked if we can make Jesus a birthday cake (again) this year.


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