Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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I do love magazines. Even if it goes against the whole January theme of order, simplify and large black garbage bags. 

I used to have probably about six different subscriptions to magazines at one time. My magazine disorder probably started when I was a teenager and got my first Seventeen Magazine subscription. I devoured every issue. Especially when I wasn't even 17 yet! I was so not cool. Then I got much more "mature" and stopped reading that and moved on to Cosmopolitan. Again read it cover to cover. I stopped reading Cosmo when one day I was reading it while burping a baby and reading some sexy article that really had not relevance to anything going on in my life at that time. So that was that. I  moved on to American Baby magazine this or Baby magazine that. 

I used to get Parents magazine, but lets face it I probably could write half the articles in them at this point. I had a subscription to Family Fun magazine for YEARS. That was like the Bible, the go to manual for everything; food,crafts, fun family vacations. I would have back issues saved in neat little magazine boxes on my shelf. They would be dog eared and cut up and well worn. But then they created their website. Now even though I hate to admit it, I am so old that when my first two were little there was no internet. (for me) There was no laptop, no iPad nothing. So I had to rely on my stockpile of magazines, folder and self created idea books to survive class mother-ing, Girl Scout leader-ing and religion teacher-ing.

Then once I moved on to my love of anything interior decorating I had subscriptions to every home design, trade magazine and home "stuff" catalog there was. (while still getting Family Fun etc) And of course there were the "foodie" magazines of the time. Kraft actually had a food magazine that I got, and I have many dinners in my repertoire still today. Then they got smart made a website and that was that. (I had a computer by then yes, thank you.)

Don't even get me started on Oprah magazine. It was a big one. Not only in thickness and LOADED with information and must reads. It was kinda square and a little bigger than your average sized magazine. I was sold. I barely made a dent in an issue when the next one would arrive. It caused me stress. I wanted to be a "better me", I wanted to make those beautiful cookies she and Gail made on her ranch in California (yeah right!). Oprah and I had to part ways. Our relationship was too much, she wanted more from me than I could give. 

So in the last two years or so I had let any subscriptions I had expire. No more magazines. I would buy one once in awhile in the supermarket or if I was going on vacation and needed to have something to read. I was good. I have a million websites to peruse in my insane need for information. I mean  there's Pinterest now for crying out loud. I don't need folders filled with cut outs from magazines anymore. (did I just say I didn't need a folder???)

So being that it is January and I am in throw out-clean up mode, I am in the process of tackling my craft room, black garbage bag in tow. I came across that stack of magazine pictured above. I figured I must have saved them for something. So decided to sit down and go through them along with a folder I found stacked with them that was labeled "Summer Recipes". Much to my surprise, about 10 minutes into it I was bored. I did not feel like thumbing through all those magazines. I didn't really care what the heck was in them. Apparently nothing I couldn't live without. I mean those Hallmark and Food & Family ones they don't even make anymore!!! So I dumped them. Ok, okay not without cutting out a recipe for Butternut Squash Risotto from a Feb. 2011 Woman's Day magazine (not THAT old). Truthfully, because I was going to look for risotto recipes upon Hubby's new found proclamation of love for risotto. And I made it the next night, we like it and I cut it up, nicey nice and put it into my recipe book. See? No folder!

When I did open that raggy recipe folder I had been saving I was hoping it was filled with awesome new summer recipes. Not so much. I am not even sure who put some of those recipes in there. I did consider this one for a minute...

                  But then I looked at the date of the recipe....

Yes. 1999. I guess I was busy partying like it was 1999 and never got around to making it. My "big" kids were 6 and 3 years old when I cut this out. They are going to be 20 and 18. I am guessing I am never making this and I don't want to. It kinda sounds gross. At that point I stopped perusing, took the folder and the stack of magazine and put them in the recycle bin. 

Now being honest, I did get that mystery subscription to Food Network Magazine last year. I did get a renewal notice...$12 for a year. I renewed. They got me...shiny, thick, square magazine...sucked me right in. It mocks me like Oprah did but I may keep them in a neat spot in my kitchen and go back and make some of those dog eared pages. And I did get a notice for Woman's Day magazine, which I do enjoy cause they are quick read articles with some normal recipes and ideas. $6 for a year's subscription. Couldn't pass it up. But that's it really. 

So here's to order, less paper and maybe even less folders? (horrors!!) Got a few more days of January to get rid of it all..!!! Wish me luck!!  


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