Friday, February 15, 2013

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I got money on my mind... this week I have found errors on two rather large bills.  Many of us get a bill and pay it.  We never look at the bill itself since most arrive via email.  When you do open the email bills they can be hard to read. This week I had a bill from MAY for my daughters plastic surgeon (after she split her chin open falling out of bed) that they just decided to send me after they weren't happy with what the insurance company paid out (in September).  They forgot to include a $400 payment from the insurance company on that bill - lucky for me I checked on line what my insurance company had paid out versus what the doctor said he received.  Oops they told me - slight oversight.  Okay, humans make errors - but you better bill savvy and catch it before you overpay. 

I got a whopper of a phone bill this week too.  Now I know what my cell phone bill should be.  By adding a line for my 10 year old daughter my cell phone bill went up $30 bucks a month when I had planned on $10.  By the time I figured this out I could no longer return the phone because I was past the 14 day return window.  The plan I had only supported 3 phones. Adding a 4th line meant I had to upgrade my plan - no one ever told me that when I added the phone or she would have gotten a pay as you go phone. On top of all that - they changed my plan to a viva Mexico plan so I could call all my relatives - um - I don't know anyone in Mexico - and that plan is $$$ - so after an hour on the phone I was happy - my bill of $556 was now $148 - so yea me.  Now the next bill comes - it's $239 bucks - I call again - this is not the price I was given last month.  Another 30 minutes on the phone and the bill is down to $204. Still not happy but unfortunately for me I signed a two year contract - as soon as it's up, we are switching carriers.

Money is one of those things I have a love/hate relationship with.  Love it when I got it, hate it when I don't.  In these times it can be tough to choose what to spend  your money on. I would like to chuck all the cell phones out the window and call it a day but unfortunately I feel the need to be able to connect to my kids at any time.  I would like to get rid of cable at $200 bucks a month - but then who would entertain those kids?  Let not even talk about the fact that a gallon of milk is $5 versus a gallon of gas at 3.95 or oil at 3.80 - it cost less per gallon to heat my house or drive my car then it does to give my kids a glass of milk?  How come no one is talking about that.  I think they will need to start enjoying their cereal with water...

Explaining it to your kids can be even harder.  No you can't have that or that or that - yes I know Suzy has it but it's not in the budget right in is not an option.  Teaching your kids about money is.  They problem is real world finance is a bit bigger than most 10 year olds can understand. Grandma gave my daughter $10 for Valentine's day - it is burning a hole in her pocket - she cannot wait to go somewhere, anywhere, to spend it.  I am trying to talk her into saving it - but hey it's her $ so I have to let her spend it as she will.  Someday, not too far off, she will have her own ways of figuring out how to pay all her monthly bills - and being excited about $10 is a fantasy I would like to be living right now. 


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