Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Cara: In the moment...

I don't think lately we take the time to "be" in the moment Now that we all have cameras on our phones we get to take pictures of everything that is happening right when it happens. 

I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, mostly it's a good thing. I have so many pictures now that I am SO behind on my photo albums it's not funny. Before I would have to remember to take my camera with me everywhere significant I went. Now mostly unless it's a really significant occasion I just have my iPhone. 

Last night I met Diva in NYC to go see Barry Manilow (yes Fanilow remember??)on Broadway. (Valentines Day gift from Hubby). It was a great night. It was my 3rd time seeing him and every time for me it gets better and better. First time 12th row at Madison Square Garden, next time 8th row...both times with one of my bffs. Great nights both of them. This time it was in a small Broadway theatre so my much closer and personal. And I got to take my girl with me who has been listening to Barry all her life (not by choice, kind of subliminally).

Hers is the generation that takes pictures of EVERYTHING. I mean she took pics of what we had in the restaurant for dinner! She Tweeted, Facebooked and Instagramed all night.I admit I do like to Facebook and text and had a playful back and forth all night with friends teasing me about being a Fanilow. And Diva took my pic in front of the theatre before we went in, pouring rain and all. And we took silly pics during the show it was all fun. 

She dragged me out right at the end of the show to the Stage door to wait for Barry to come out. Right in front. By that time my phone had died from Facebooking, texting and picture taking. Her phone was about to die. She was freaking out cause she wanted to get me a picture up close. That's when it hit me about being in the moment. 

I was truly ok with her phone dying and not getting that picture. Now of course I wanted it. Dam, I wanted one of him and me for crying out loud. But as we waited (for about 20 minutes and it's February in NY here let's not forget) I was in the moment. My moment. I have listened to his songs and loved him since I can't remember when. 

Now let me reiterate not that kind of love. Let's keep it real here please. First he is literally my father's age. And he's not lets say "hot". But he's Barry. He's been the soundtrack to my life and to lots of other people too, who just won't admit it. (you know I am talking to you).

Waiting outside, knowing he was going to walk out that door right in front of my face, was awesome. Even with my Diva teasing me cause I was a little shaky and my heart was beating in my head.  He finally did come out, right there in front of me. If I was a crazed fan I could have grabbed his scarf off his neck...but I don't do crazy, he is just a person after all. But I did say "Hi Barry" and then proceed to clap like a seal in front of his face...good grief. He waved to all, said "thanks for coming" threw some kisses then was whisked away in his black SUV by men dressed in black with no necks. 

And that was it. My moment. I actually needed to collect myself when it was over before Diva and I walked to the train to go home. She did end up getting her picture before her phone died:

She was thrilled. (I am too!) But I truly didn't care if she couldn't get it. I truly was in my moment. I enjoyed every minute of that night....from walking in the rain alone from the train to Times Square, to having dinner with just me and my Diva getting to catch up on family news and college life, to singing my favorite songs with fellow crazies who "get" that part of me while my Diva sang along and we laughed and getting to see "the man" up close and saying hi. Truly every moment. 

While Barry might not be able to "smile without me" I know I still cannot help but smile about that night. 


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