Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Everyone needs a break now and then and Cara and I took one heck of a long one.  I thought about checking in on a weekly basis - but iPads are not conducive to blogging - it is a cumbersome process. Hubby surprised me with a MacBook Air for Christmas - and although intimidated at first, I am slowly coming around.  I have to google how to do some things - some I have been able to figure out on my own - but I am a (not so) old dog learning  lots of new tricks - and as technology marches us forward so must I  -  or be left in the dust.

There are many times when I am inspired to blog - and many when I am not. Sometimes I will be driving or walking and think of something I have to say  - only to have it forgotten by the time I reach the keyboard.   Cara and I decided this is going to be a no-pressure kind of thing - so if one of us has something to say - or vent - or rant and rave or even just share a recipe, we will pop in and share.

I love to read other people's blogs - all different kinds - blogs about families or finances or decorating or DIY... The blog world is a beautiful thing - you feel less alone when you see there is another mom out there who yells at her kids or forgot to feed them...there are writers out there who are funny - who make you cry - who teach you things about the world and yourself.  I don't know where Cara and I fit in but we started this as a way to reach out there to Moms like us - Moms who were past diapers and breast feeding but still looking for a little parenting support.  It evolved into more than just that - it gave us a place to voice our opinions or share a favorite recipe or brag about our kids and we found some new friends and got some new insights.

So thanks for reading Forward Mom, the Momentum of Motherhood.  As 2014 progresses so does my role as a mom.  As my children grow and prosper and experience new things, so do I .  My role is no longer about changing diapers and playdates but about getting into college and dealing with middle school.  Motherhood is something that continually evolves as our children do - and thats what makes it interesting and frustrating and joyful and sad and all those things that make us what we are - Mothers - whose love for our children is so overwhelming at times it threatens to strangle us and other times it make us scream like crazy lunatics when the kids leave their underwear on the bathroom floor (or is that just me?).  Until next time - happy Mothering!


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