Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Be happy for 100 days? Hmmm...impossible? Well maybe..but do I have to be happy for the entire 24 hours? I seem to find ideas like this (or do they find me??) just when I need to hear about them most. Sometimes the toxicity around you can really get to you and you need something to push you past it. 

When I heard about this first I thought of someone dancing around for 24 hours acting/being happy...yeah that's not going to happen. After reading about this 100 day thing I realized it's about finding something to be happy about everyday take a picture and hashtag it on social media. And it's not about acting happy either. It's not about one-upping happiness to be more happy that the next guy. It's truly finding things to be happy about. 

I am gung ho. I am down with the whole grateful thing. My favorite book ever "Simple Adundance" literally without sounding too weird, changed my life. But I am human, I get caught up in the noise and can go for days, weeks without remembering to be grateful each day. Until something kicks my ass and I remember... "oh yeah I am forgetting that...that's why I am off". 

I am only on Day 6. Only 94 more days to go. It's going to bring me into late October if I stay on course. As with anything I am determined in the beginning and whether I make it through to the other side always remains to be seen. 

It has made me slow down the past 6 days and look for reasons to be happy. One day was easier than the next perhaps, but the days that it's harder are the days that I think I need to do it even more. And so far the lazy days of summer have not brought me super duper amazing things to be happy about. But those don't happen everyday right? Then they wouldn't be super duper amazing. But there's lots of little things to be happy about. Truly, everyday. A few of mine were really simple like:

My silly one-eyed cat that is my shadow every morning as I take my coffee outside and check on my gardens

Or finding the first ripe tomato in the garden

Cats and tomatoes not super duper amazing right? I know. But in that moment, on that day it made me happy. 

So here's to 100 happy days. #100happydays (

Then maybe even 100 happy more.....


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