Wednesday, November 5, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Done (?) with 100 Happy Days....

Whew...100 days. Cue happy dance...(I love that girl up there she makes me happy!!!) I made it through the 100 days. I will admit around day 60something I was thinking what the heck did I get myself into. But a challenge is a challenge and I asked for it. 

I endured much teasing... "hey Cara are you happy today?" "how come you never made me your happy day?" "you don't seem too happy today what are you going to do now?" It's OK I dish it out on the regular so I can take it. 

Some days it was real easy. The days I spent with my niece? Easy peasy. Days at the beach? Piece of cake. But some days it was harder. And thinking back those are the days that mattered the most in this silly thing. 

I already know that happiness is a journey not a destination. I may not have known that years ago...when I thought, if I only I had this or that happened then I would be happy.  But it doesn't work that way.

On the the days when you have that battle gear on it's not so easy to find or even think about being happy. But during this I would think "I am not in the mood to be happy today and now I have to post a dam picture." So even if I was cranky or I was in for a battle that day I would keep looking for something, anything that made me happy. And I would find it. It may have been a tomato in my garden, an old picture of a happy time whatever. It changed my mind set. 

Now I am not about to say I am going to run around singing, throwing rose petals about because I am happy all the time, all day, everyday. That's not going to happen. 

I don't have to post a picture now for the world to see but there's a shift that I can say now is a habit. Even on blah day when there's nothing exceptionally good or bad going on...I look for something or a few things even, that make me happy. It can run the gamut from holding a baby to loving my selection of funky reading glasses I have to wear now.

I am learning what's really important and taking a step away from things or people that just simply don't make me happy. We all deserve to be happy. We can surround ourselves with it if we chose to. 

And that's it really. Happy is a choice. It may not be a choice that's easy when the difficult or sad things come your way which they will. But I can make a conscious choice to be seek it out. So that's what I learned from all this. I have a choice. I choose happy. 

A friend gave me a plaque (cause I love words...just come sit in my kitchen some day there's plenty on the walls to read) that says "Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too."  

Easy to do all the time? Probably not...but it's worth a shot. 

Go. Be Happy.  :D


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