Wednesday, May 6, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Arriving in Vegas still Thursday (a.k.a. longest day of my life…)

So, I did buy the pillow. I folded under pressure. It did come with a blanket and a coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond so I am rationalizing with that. He never did fall asleep with the stupid pillow. I am hoping to get my money’s worth on the way home. The time change is a killer and we will probably be tired all weekend. After arriving and checking in to our adjoined rooms (someone gets to sleep with Grandma and Papa) we go to CVS on The Strip to get some drinks for the room. (drinks from the hotel shop put the prices in the airport to shame) I forgot that we may get an anatomy lesson on the way. There are the lovely gentlemen who click “business” cards at you as they try to get your attention to take one. Sometimes they drop their business cards on the sidewalk. “MA! There’s a lady with BOOBS on that card!” (Lovely.) A truck drives by with “HOT BABES… to you in 20 minutes” written on the sides. “Hey Ma! We can get one of them in 20 minutes, just dial 702-696-9696! (I cannot make this stuff up) “What does she do when she gets there?” “She delivers pizza”, I answer. This was all before we even go into CVS. This place is not like anywhere else. Anything goes. Really. Even something as simple as thinking you can’t walk on the street with a glass of wine in your hand. No that’s fine. So Outlaws and Hubby go gamble and me and the kids put on a movie and hit the hay. Grandma came in late and woke us up ‘cause she hit big already. Breakfast buffet on her tomorrow! Yeah!

Cara: Friday Las Vegas Style

Breakfast buffet on Grandma and poolside by 10am. I would be a much more cheerful person if I could start everyday with someone paying for and making my breakfast and then off to sit on a comfy lounge chair in the sun. Hubby and Jr. went sightseeing. Told them not to wear flip flops they didn’t listen now their feet hurt. One thing I have learned coming to Vegas a few times now, is the whole place is an optical illusion.

Say, look out your hotel room window and think maybe you would like to walk over to the hotel across the street and check out their casino. That’s fine but, pack a lunch. By the time you walk to your elevator, get down to the casino, walk through the casino (if you can without your husband putting money in every slot machine he walks by) get out the front door walk to a corner (jaywalk=death on The Strip) cross over and walk to the other hotel you have killed almost an hour. There’s a lot of time wasted driving and “getting to” places.

Rehearsal dinner tonight. Mike needs to go take a nap…wave pool and lazy river all day he is going to be wiped.


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