Thursday, May 7, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Saturday ~ Wedding Day

Stayed out late again last night. This whole trip is going to be a blur. Squeezing way too much into four days but at least the weather is cooperating. It has been beautiful. In another month or so it will be so hot no one will come out of their houses, but I will be home by then so I don’t care.

Wedding is not until 7pm so we have all day to do what we want. We are going to eat breakfast early then head for the pool. You have to get there early to get prime lounge chairs. The way the pool is set up the sun doesn’t hit the whole thing at once and if you sit in the wrong spot you don’t get sun until after noon. So Sam and Mikey get there first and lay claim to five chairs. Apparently the Monte Carlo is a rockin’ place. Pool opens at 9:30 and by 10:00 the music is cranked and the bar is open. I am never quite sure what time it is here. Not only because you won’t find a window or a clock in the casino. Just that I guess I am not used to drinking right after breakfast. But you just do here. It’s the twilight zone I am telling you. There’s a very young crowd at this hotel. They don’t emerge until at least noon. But when they do it’s plastic boobs and tattoos everywhere. Right now I feel like putting my towel over my head. Ah to be young. You can definitely have quite the time here with your friends. I know this from eavesdropping on conversations as I lay dozing in the sun. Mikey actually fell asleep on the chair so I cover him up from the sun and let him sleep for awhile. But can’t doze too long, we have to make the trek over to the MGM Grand to see the lions and to the M&M Factory.

The M&M’s I can live without but I must go see my lions. If I stayed at the MGM I would be in the lobby all day. They have a huge glass lion exhibit (remember MGM’s symbol is a lion) right smack dab in the middle of the casino/lobby area. It goes to the ceiling and the lions can climb huge rocks and lay in the sun. At night they go to a sanctuary. They must rotate them. Today is a male and female no cubs. But they are just beautiful. I have always loved lions. Maybe because I am a Leo, I don’t know. I want to just grab that lion’s face and kiss him. Again I resist. You can walk under a glass bridge where they are sleeping on top. It’s amazing to get so close. Sam took some really good pictures of the female when she woke up and looked down at us. Not to mention that after that she woke up the male so they could do “it”. They must know they are in Vegas. After Mr. Lion got applause Mike wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I started looking for the sign “For a Hot Time call Mrs. Lion at…” good grief. After the lion porno it was feeding time. The trainers throw raw meat at the glass so the lions come right to your face and eat it. It was so cool, to put your hand to the glass it seemed like he was licking your hand. I love it. But enough of this we are here for a wedding…back to the hotel to rest up and shower.


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