Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Taking it on the road (from my Las Vegas trip 4/30-5/4)

Thursday 4/30
First the fact that I am on an airplane typing a post for the blog is pretty cool to me. I like to think I of myself as computer literate and all but still, checking my email in the airport ‘cause they have WiFi and now typing on the plane at “30something-I would-rather-not really-think about” feet is some cool stuff.

So we are off. The Fab 5 with the in-laws in tow to Sin City. Nice place to take the kids huh? We are going to the wedding of Peter Pan so I suppose Never Never Land is an appropriate back drop. Actually, my brother who at almost 39, is getting married on Saturday. He lives in Las Vegas so it’s not the drive-thru wedding chapel kind of thing. There will be no Elvis there as far as I know. Mikey is going to be the “ring barrier” (I quote) I think he may be more excited than the bride. He has told everyone he meets that he is going to Las Vegas and he is in the wedding party, wearing a tux and riding in a limo.

I am finally semi-relaxed now that we are all packed and on our way. I used to love packing to go away. Now it’s just stressful. Life doesn’t seem to want to stop because I need to figure out what shoes to pack. So now I just sit here and hope everything I need is sitting underneath me in the suitcase.

The airlines really make it a pain to fly now. I can deal with the no liquids and having to pay $6.30 for two bottles of water. And even the taking off of the shoes. (ick – I had on sandals and no socks...note to self: sterilize feet at the hotel!) But now I have to pay $7 for a clean pillow? Forget it. I have to pay $15 if God forbid, I have more that one suitcase? It’s ridiculous. So we pack enough food as if we are going across country in a covered wagon rather than a plane. I have a bag of tricks to rival a magician and various books, magazines, laptops, DS’s, iPods etc.

The natives are starting to get restless now, 3 hours into the flight. (2 ½ more to go…UGH!)
“Poor Dad” is sitting alone in the row ahead, since there are seven of us. Don’t you feel bad for him? He is sleeping now. I feel like pushing his arm off his armrest to wake him up. But I resist. I may cave on the $7 pillow any minute. My much larger than me child on my left is using me as a pillow. Sam spilled soda on my father-in-law, and we have visited every lavatory on the plane and now my ass has fallen asleep. Traveling is so much fun!


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