Friday, May 22, 2009

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Have a lot going on in my head these days. Seems I can’t walk into a room without forgetting why I walked in there. I wrote the following a while ago. But lately it seems to apply to everyday. This is called:

If You Give a Mom a Coffee Pot
So many books you read can parallel life and have a double meaning that is reflective of what goes on in a person's life. For example I was in a discussion once about how "The Wizard of Oz"
is really all about life. Well, I have come to the realization that my life parallels the children's book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff.

My book would be called "If You Give a Mom a Coffeepot". It goes something like this...
If you give a Mom a coffeepot she will be standing near the sink. She will see the dishes in the sink that her family left in there last night while she was at a meeting. Then she realizes the
dishwasher was never run last night and decides to load them in. When she realizes the
dishwasher is full she decides to quickly wash them by hand.

When she turns on the dishwasher she must go to the laundry room to get an old towel because the guy won't be here to fix the dishwasher until next week and it leaks water all over the floor. When she goes into the laundry room she realizes that her daughter did not put her laundry in the dryer and loads the dryer with her wet clothes. When she comes back to put the towel under the dishwasher she sees that the front of the dishwasher could us a wipe so she gets out the Windex and grabs a handful of paper towels.When realizes she grabbed too many paper towels she decides to Windex the front door that the dog yacked all over while barking at another dog walking down the street.

When she thinks of the dog she realizes that dog didn't have her treats yet this morning so she gives her dog some treats. When she gives her dog some treats she realizes she didn't put her son’s snack in his backpack yet.When she is putting her son's snack in his backpack she realizes it's time to go to the bus. So she walks her son to the bus but, as she is coming back she sees a wiffle ball, a Frisbee and a basketball on the lawn. So she decides to put them away in the garage. While she is in the garage she straightens up the recycling area a little since her older son just threw the pails back after bringing them in.

When she thinks of her older son, she had to go upstairs to check that he is almost ready to leave for school. While she is up there she decides to empty someone’s full hamper and throw the laundry in the machine since it is empty now. When she goes into the laundry room she stubs her toe on the doorway drops the laundry basket and says a few curses. When she says a few curses she thinks how can she be grouchy already this early in the day. Then she realizes that she has not had any coffee yet.

And chances are if she realizes she hasn't had any coffee yet she will go back into the kitchen and start to make a pot of coffee.

So I think either I have a best seller on my hands or I have ADD. I'm not sure.


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