Friday, May 8, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara:The Wedding

It was very nice. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But was pleasantly surprised. My new sister in law looked just beautiful. My brother was very nervous. My Mike was the most handsome ring bearer. He did such a great job. He even got some lines in the wedding. The minister said “who has the rings?” and Mike had to say “I do” and bring the rings to the best man. He did it right on cue. He definitely was a show stealer all night. Right before they said I do the groom whipped out his guitar (he is a musician hence the move to Las Vegas) and sang Speak Softly Love (theme from the GodFather) to his new bride. It was the song he sang to her on their first date. Nice touch. All the women were in tears. The reception was right after and we all had a great time. My cousins from Texas came and it was so nice to spend time with them at a happy occasion. We ate, drank, danced and laughed all night. I was happy that my kids got time to know their cousins better. Everyone told me how great my kids are and as always they make me proud. Sam wore her “cupcake” dress, she looked so cute. Ant in his suit and sunglasses…looking sharp. The wedding went about an hour over and of course at midnight the night was still young. We brought all under age kids and grandparents back to their respective hotels and put them to bed, got changed, got into taxis and went to a local bar near my brother’s house for more drinking and fun. The fun may kill me. Back to the hotel by 4 a.m. and literally crawled into bed. Gotta get up at a reasonable time so we can jam pack some more stuff into tomorrow before we go home.

Cara: Sunday ~ Recovering a.k.a the 2nd longest day of my life
Ugh. Getting too old for fun. But when in Rome….so onward I go. More breakfast compliments of lucky Grandma. Yeah. We do some sightseeing at Red Rock Canyon…Fab 5 and my parents. Outlaws are spending the rest of their time here in the Casino. I think an intervention is in order. All I know is I keep getting free meals from their addiction!!

After Red Rock, hubby needed to have Jack in the Box tacos. We don’t have Jack’s by us anymore and as kids all the guys would eat them late at night all the time. They are gross. They are best described as tacos with meat paste, fried then sat on. Delightful. But do we stop at the nice clean one near Red Rock? No. He saw another one. So we go to the one located in behind the strip in Nastytown, the kind of place where you really don’t want to get out of the car. Everyone except him and Sam went next door to Wendy because at least it was empty, clean and without crack whores, could not say the same for Jack’s. So we eat in Wendy’s. I am not happy. Boys are oblivious to what’s around them. Sam thinks it hysterical. I had finally had it when a bunch of “ladies” (I use that term loosely) came in and Ant’s eyeballs popped out of his head. We were out of there. I did not think it was funny, but someone said at least it’s something to write about in the blog anyway…guess so.

Then we met the cousins at their hotel and hung by their pool for the rest of the afternoon. Back to the hotel to pick up the gamblers. They won again and got comped for free dinner so we had dinner before we left.

Got to the airport WAY too early. But you never know so you have to get there early. So we sit for what seems liked forever…trying to keep Mike awake and occupied. Taking the Red-Eye so we don’t want anyone awake for the flight. Finally it’s time to board the plane. Some idiot adult decides that would be a good time puke all over the place right where we are suppose to board.
I don’t do puke. My kids puke and I call my husband. But I mean really…he had a hat, a jacket. I would have puked in my hat and thrown it in the garbage. At the very least made an attempt to get to the bathroom which was right around the corner. People scattered….the flight attendant calling rows was doing it with her hand over her mouth...a few comedians shouted out “Swine flu” (very funny). It was almost midnight I was not laughing. Told Mike not to look as we pass…he looks…starts to gag. I threaten his life if he pukes…we all get along home without anymore incident. Puke boy’s seat was way in the front…thank GOD! Good to be home..crappy weather, jet lag and all.


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