Wednesday, May 20, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Stick a fork in me...I'm Done.

I am burnt. Toast. Fried. I am talking about school. And yes I graduated in 1985. But it seems I spend more time at school than when I was supposed to be there. By this time in May I am so done with school. Done with helping with the spelling words 3x each, and all that goes with it. And I don’t even have to help the older two with homework any more. If I am being honest I don’t really have to help Mike, just oversee. He can do it on his own really. But still it’s there…waiting every day at 2:15.

The shiny new notebooks we bought in August for the first day of school are tattered and torn. The backpacks look like they went through a war. I know there are many people who have it harder than me. But I am tired dammit. Tired of getting up at 5:30…tired of putting on my best PTA face everywhere I go. I am serious about conducting myself a certain way being the President of the PTA, but enough. Enough talk of luncheons for teachers, breakfasts for students, concerts, teachers for next year, voting for this and that, stroking everyone who helps “me” (like I own the school)

I have now put in my two years as President and I can walk away with my head held high. I know I have done a good job and done my share. Even though some people think I should still do more than my share again next year, I won’t give in. I will always be involved but now it’s time to wind it down.

Now looking ahead I just want lazy mornings. I want to hear kids splashing in the pool. I want to roast marshmallow on the fire pit in my pajamas. I want little boys to walk down to the dock and go fish with their dads. I want to see the waves of the Atlantic Ocean from my chair. I want to smell sunblock, chlorine and hot dogs on the BBQ.

I know come the end of August when the going in the pool is old news, and all the good floats have popped and my impatiens are all “leggy” and weird looking, I will be ready to start up again. I will be happy to go buy new pencils, notebooks and folders. But now I am just done. I will keep smiling and probably shed a tear as my two boys move on to new schools, because there are many people that I will be sad to leave behind. But for now I am just done.

Jenn's Two Cents: Me too - sooo done.


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