Saturday, May 16, 2009

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Put 11 moms is a room and what do they talk about? Their kids, their husbands, their lives. Add some alcohol and a little gambling - and the topic remains the same though maybe a little less inhibited. The great thing about 11 women in a room is you learn things. Some of them you may not want to know but now you do. Like the stories about the girls performing sexual favors behind the dumpsters at school - are you shocked? I was. So how do you talk to your kids about things that make you uncomfortable? I am not sure yet but I am thinking of ways to bring the subject up - My daughter is going to middle school next year and I need to talk to her about what goes on behind the dumpster and keep her far away as possible.

What else do 11 moms talk about? Their houses, their day to day lives - bitching about laundry and cooking dinner. Laughing about something their kids or husbands did. Whose daughter is developing or getting their period. I learned about the husband whose been complaining for days about his stomach and the wife who blew him off only to have him end up in the ER and hospitalized for 6 days. I heard about the high cost of living and who is struggling to pay their bills. I heard about baseball and whose kids sit and which coach's son doesn't. I heard about who didn't come last night because of who did. I heard about whose husband is a control freak and won't let his wife out of his sight. I got a tour of a unbelievably beautiful house. I heard about the annoying neighbors. We talked about Gray's Anatomy, The Biggest Loser, American Idol and Lost. About summer plans and staycations.

Life. That's what happens when you put 11 women in a room.


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