Friday, May 15, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Moms Gone Wild...

What is going on? Moms cyberbullying other children that make them commit suicide? Mom’s putting other kids’ names on Craig’s List making believe they are soliciting sex? PTA Vice Presidents having sex in a car with a 13yrd old Middle School boy? Are you kidding me? Most moms I know don’t have time to sit down to eat their lunch most days, never mind have the inclination or energy to do any of the above.

Where do they come from outer space? I cannot understand them. I know what it’s like to have another kid upset your child. Even when, from the outside looking in or in the scheme of life it’s no big deal, just that your child is hurting makes you want to go find the kid and pull his hair out. But as a reasonable person you console your child, give him advice and make a voodoo doll of the other kids and stick pins in it when no ones around. You don’t actually act on your emotions with that situation.

They really piss me off too. Not only for the fact that they hurt another child. But they give moms a bad name. I got a few off color jokes sent my way about PTA moms and young boys. Not funny by the way. Moms have enough to deal with as it is without these lunatics.

If you are too involved in school then you are a prima-donna with no real job and just need to be up the teacher’s ass. If you work then you are selfish and don’t really care about what your kids are doing. If you have one kid then said kid must be a spoiled brat or you must have had fertility problems, because you just can’t be normal and have only one kid. And if you have a lot of kids then forget it you are totally off your rocker and either have a live-in or have drunken sex with your husband once a year, because it would never just be your choice. You drive around in the “mini-van-du-jour” when you’d rather tool around town in your BMW. You buy what you need last after everyone else has all the sports equipment, clothes and the latest this or that.

I think those mothers should have their Mom’s Club card revoked. They need to get kicked out.
Just those really bad ones though. Maybe not the one who kicked her kids out of the car ‘cause they were making her nuts. We all have been there; she just did what we threaten. She just maybe should have rode around the block to scare them for a minute, then have picked them up when they were good and scarred for life…and before she got arrested. And maybe we should cut Kate some slack too. She is a mean mom? SHE HAS EIGHT KIDS!!! Her husband is an ass. Yes, she invited the cameras in her house but I am sure she didn’t know how awful it would be some days. And would anyone have watched if her kids sat with their hands folded, and she talked in a quiet lilting voice all the time? P-lease. She is real. Moms gone wild are just bad.

Wild to me is maybe sneaking to the town beach with friends during the week while the kids still have school to eat a quick lunch. I know, crazy right?


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