Tuesday, May 12, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Karma

Karma: the good or bad emanations felt to be generated by someone or something.

Lu told me a very funny story one day about Karma. She told me it bites. I tried to explain that no, it doesn't literally bite but your actions come back to you. If you are good, good things happen, and if you're not good, bad things happen. ( you know the saying, Karma will bite you in the ass.) With a very serious face she told me I was wrong. She knew a boy who showed her bite marks put there by Karma because he was bad. How do you keep a straight face? I am sure that Mom told her son to be good or Karma would come back to bite him and guess what? It did! Lately it seems that Karma is everywhere. Remember last year when Oprah was all hot about "the secret" and millions spent $$ buying the book and video - I took it out of the library and basically "the secret" is the same as Karma - good deeds give you points in the universe and good thing will happen to you. The opposite is also true - negativity brings negative results. Sunday I was at the grocery store when the man in front of me forgot a bag - I told the cashier who ran after him with it and when he came back he told me I was going to get good Karma points - I was thrilled, I mean who doesn't want a little good karma? I do truly believe what you put out there comes back to you so I try everyday to do my best - some days that is probably not good enough and others it is above and beyond. We have a saying in my house, Good Kids Get Good Things and Bad Kids Get Nothing - I think the universe works the same way or at least I hope it does. Three cheers for Karma!

Both my girls wrote me poems for Mother's Day, one made me laugh, the other made me cry - but in a good way. I am going to share the one that made me laugh - I hope it makes you laugh too. It was a fill in the blank ... here is what Lu filled in:

My Mom
My Mom is nice
She Likes to go out with her friends
She always cleans
Sometimes she freaks out
The Best Thing About My Mom is She loves me
So my take on this is I am a nice loving clean freak who likes hanging out with her friends - I 'll take it!


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