Wednesday, May 13, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: PMS

I know I have it. Most women do. Even though I hate when some male person says “What you are you PMSing?” when I get mad about something, they are probably right. (unless I am not PMSing and just plain pissed off) Thing is, I know I have it but as I get older I can’t seem to control it. Not to mention now I get terrible bloating and I could eat the vinyl siding off the house but my mood is downright scary. I hear myself losing it. And part of me doesn’t care. Whomever is about to suffer my wrath is going to get it. I am short tempered and have patience for no one. Everything annoys me.

In the past few days for example, I almost took the head off of another parent/friend, the price I paid for flowers to plant out in front of my house pissed me off, and my little boy got an earful from me before bed. (now I am guilty after sending him to bed with so much to think about…he will probably have bad dreams and wake me up yelling and that will be my punishment for being a PMS mom). The lacrosse coach told me he was being a pain at practice today. All at once I wanted to throttle my 6 yr old for being a pain, while telling the coach to f-off… (don’t you know I am not in the mood right now?) Had it been a different day I probably wouldn’t have given it to the little guy so hard nor had evil thoughts about the coach.

I come home today, after the day before I spent scrubbing my house within an inch of it’s life to disorder. I want to scream. Seems not matter how much I clean, scrub, mop and launder it’s never clean enough. PTA is swallowing me up. It takes up too much of my time but at the same time, as happy I am that my heavy load of responsibilities is coming to and end I find myself a little melancholy. My face looks bloated in the mirror so I don’t want to even look. My hair doesn’t come out right and I would really just like to take a nap.

I am a little afraid of menopause. It could get real ugly come that time well, ugly for the poor slobs who get near me anyway. Hopefully in the week to come I will lay as low as I can so as not to devour people who cross my path. Hopefully for them.

Jenn's two cents: The funny thing is I have been PMSing and now DMSing this week too - I guess we are spending too much time together Cara LOL - and it has not been pretty for my family - I had the worst cramps and bloating ever and asked my MIL about it - this is what getting older is about - your period changes before it stops -well I am all for the whole stopping thing - just sooner rather than later please! My solution for PMS? A BOTTLE of wine and a heating pad - bring it on!


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