Saturday, May 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Venting

Since I haven't posted this week and been having so much fun reading about Cara's Vegas trip - I decided today I would vent about all the shit that was bugging me this week.

Cleaning: So I completed my Spring cleaning, my house looks great, if I do say so myself, but I am the only one who seems to be on board with the whole keeping the house clean thing. I finished the girls room, I packed away some stuffed animals, hoping they wouldn't notice, but they did, and cried over it. Okay, move on. So now their room looks awesome (they share) and they want to hang out in it - great! Except about 10 minutes after hanging out in their room, a barbie and clothing explosion has gone off. Calmly I ask them to pick up their stuff and put it away. I come back a few minutes later to clean clothes in the dirty bin and dolls heads sticking out of underwear drawers - really? Are you kidding? My blood starts bubbling ever so slightly - not a full boil yet, as I explain things should be put back where you take them from. I don't get the inability to put something back where it came from - but I told them Mommy is going to become the Queen of Clean Mean and follow them from room to room making sure if they take it out, they put it back. Lets see how long that lasts.

Driving: I drive a lot. All over town. I have clocked 100 miles in 24 hours and it is all local. I have been driving since I was 15 - that is 27 years people. In those 27 years I have had ONE accident and I was hit from behind by some idiot changing lanes who wasn't looking where he was going. On a daily basis I feel like a Nascar driver swerving to avoid the assholes all over the road. I experience road rage. I must yell butthead at another driver a dozen or more times a day. Whatever happened to turn signals? Whatever happened to slowing down in a school zone? Don't beep at me because I am not making a right on red fast enough for you. Seriously - people are very impolite when they are in their cars - cutting me off is not okay. Going under the speed limit - again not okay. Climbing up my ass on the highway - again not okay. I think we should all have to take a license test every ten years -maybe that would refresh many memories about the rules of the road.

Laundry: Right now Mt. Washmore is sitting in my basement outside my washer waiting to go in. Okay, now this is partially my fault. I am a shopaholic. My kids have WAY too many clothes, I know I get it - and I am trying to detox and not shop - it has been one week since I went shopping - that is saying something for me. The last thing I bought were bathing suits for the girls - that was a necessity because it is freezing and raining and they might be invited to swim any day now - hah! So back to Mt. Washmore - I do a load everyday - but then the sheets and blankets and delicates start to pile up and here we are with a mountain - I am hoping to get it to a small hill by the end of today - wish me luck.

Humanity: So here is the thing - I am not better than you, just as you are not better than me. It doesn't matter if you drive a Beemer or a benz or that your house is on the right side of town or if our skin is not the same color or your kids have the latest "it" clothes or gadgets. So stop trying to shove what you have in other people's faces - be happy for each other. Congratulate your neighbor on their new BMW and move on. Accept your friends offers of help but don't take advantage. Try your best to be a good person and don't worry what other people think. Because the payoff to that is karma - you will get what you give and I like to think I will get everything I want... Don't shove your shit in my face and I promise to do the same :)

So there you have it - my rant for the week - hope you enjoyed it - now I am off the be the cleaning nazi and see what those girls have thrown all over their room - wish them luck!


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