Sunday, May 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Sunday being Grateful...

1. Healthy Children. Watched something on 20/20 the other night that left me so very
thankful for the healthy lives that my kids lead that I take for granted most days.
2. My country. God Bless and keep safe America on this Memorial Day weekend. And always.
3. 4 day Holiday weekend.
4. My crazy pets that “hair up” my house but can make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it.
5. Pools open and instantly the backyard comes alive
6. An abundance of friends
7. Solitary walks to just think.
8. Kids in the sand
9. My little boy FINALLY riding his two wheeler…to see him come down the block with his
Dad after biking around the neighborhood makes me so happy!
10. A party to go to today that I am not hosting!!!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend...and thank you to all our soldiers and Vets!!!

Jenn: My Grateful List:
1. Sunshine
2. Long weekends
3. Optimists
4. Flowers
5. Outdoor fire pits
6. Sibling Rivalry (at least they have someone to play/fight with!)
7. The color green
8. Choices
9. BBQ's & pool parties
10. The men and woman of our armed forces who allow us to be grateful for everyday they spend protecting our freedom.

God Bless America !


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