Saturday, June 20, 2009

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I wrote this post a few weeks ago before the news was officially out - I would like to say for the most part I have gotten a lot of positive, happy responses and congratulations - however there have been quite a few negative people buzzing in my ear - this post is for those people...

I am glad that people are so consumed with my life that they feel a strong desire to talk about me - go ahead. Speculate, guess, talk all you want. If you have nothing else going on that my life is a topic of yours then I feel sorry for you. My life is BORING people. Up at 6:00 everyday, shower, dress get kiddies up and off to school. There is no great mystery no matter what you may or may not have heard. Today I was stuck home for 5 hours caught in the house inspection from hell - 5 hours - of a man going over my home with a fine tooth comb - and what did he find? Well, basically nothing - the biggest issue is that my toilet is not cemented to my bathroom floor - shocking! I got to talk to my buyers dad for about 4 of those hours - he is a retired police officer and did offer some good safety tips - but still BORING. I sold my house. I bought a new house. Why this has the whole town buzzing is beyond me at this point. So let's move on... btw all you people talking about me? No tour for you.


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