Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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I "heart" Housework (...not)

Does it ever end? I mean c’mon. How many times must I sweep under the kitchen table? Twice a day is not enough? How much hair can fall off a dog? Enough for a large man’s toupee, apparently.

I clean and I turn around it’s messed up. I have two teenagers whose rooms look most days like a landfill. I draw the line when a teenage boy’s room smells like feet…it’s time to be cleaned. And when a teenage daughter starts stealing my underwear (thought she preferred “butt floss” to my bloomers???) because she hasn’t done any of her laundry, it’s time to clean.

A little boy that lives here should have been named Hansel because you can follow a trail of gold fish crackers and Wrestling figures and find his exact location.

I had a cleaning lady for awhile. But when you have to clean before the cleaning lady comes at some point it becomes silly. I read something once that said “cleaning the house when your children are growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.” Ain’t that the truth?

But in the midst of my complaining I remember a family close by that will bury their son today. I am sure they would give anything if he messed up his toys. So I suppose during my grumbling I will be grateful for the mess. But part of me still wishes someone else would do the laundry this week.


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