Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Pack your bags

So you know how sometimes you might OVER REACT just a little with your kids? I think my husband did that Sunday night - although it is a effective means of scaring children, it doesn't only scare the one being punished but the other two as well. Sunday was a great family day - we went to Calverton, did the flag thing, came home, hung out, took boy to get his iphone so all was right with his world (he paid for it) took Lu clothes shopping with her gift cards - didn't have to spend a dime - really having a great day. Made a lovely dinner - send children to wash hands and all of a sudden I hear a strange sound. Go looking for sound, Lu has left the bathroom sink on and has flooded the downstairs bathroom. Much screaming from me for towels - much screaming from husband at children - insanity. My husband sent the offending child who left the water on to her room - handed her a suitcase and told her to pack it - that she was going to live with one of the grandma's FOREVER. She started crying - sister started crying - even brother was looking a bit teary while secretly playing with his iphone. So she packed all her favorite clothes and toys crying the whole time. Gathered up her dolls and birthday presents and was ready to leave - with a very brave face on, she told her siblings she would miss them. She and her sister were crying, I was half crying and half laughing at all the drama. Husband went to Lu , told her to go to bed and took her suitcase. Said she could have it back in a week - all her favorite stuff. Everyone was relieved that she didn't really have to move out - until she realized that she packed all her stuff and wanted it back... she has a week to earn it back - let's see if overreacting works.


Patricia said...

Whoa. I am going to file that one away in the back of my Mom file. Thanks MM.

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