Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: No One Told Me There Would be Days Like This

Yesterday was a day from HELL. I kid you not - I don't think it gets much worse - well actually I am sure it does, but don't really want to find out. Woke up at 6 - had my tea, checked my e-mail, my usual morning routine. Woke boy & Lu at 7:00. Got everyone ready, made breakfast, made lunch and off on our merry way we go - Had to drive boy as he had early school and somehow we never figured out the early school bus. Get in the van look both ways and KABOOM - WTF? Jump out of my car and lo and behold, I have hit hubby's car - OH SHIT - yes why was it parked directly across from my driveway? I do not know...drive two children to school - get home get third child ready, drive her to school, drop her off, run over to Lu's field day. Had a little fun, talked to lots of friends about my NEW HOUSE - more on that Thursday - left Lu's field day, headed to MaeMae's field day, stopped at TOWN HALL on the way because my shed needs to be moved 30 Inches - are you kidding me? Actually Town Hall suggested I just take it down... anyway got a call from friends hubby, he will move shed on Saturday. Waited for exterminator to come and give me clearance on my NON-EXISTENT BUGS that my buyers inspector found ( YES, I SOLD MY HOUSE TOO) gave him two hundred bucks for a piece of paper that states I have no bugs in my house, drove hubby's car that I F***ed up this morning to body shop - had to climb in the passenger door because I couldn't open drivers door - and drive to body shop - left it there - I will pick it up when I come up with the $800 bucks it is going to cost to fix it - I mean really how much damage can one do when going 5 mph? Well about $800 worth! Raced home, got Lu off bus, did homework - okay teachers enough with the homework already - it is JUNE - so can we just not have anymore? Boy got home, I laid down on the couch for 10 minutes, off to drop Lu at Grandma's, pick Mae up from play rehearsal - did I tell you that she is Alice in Through the Looking Glass this Thursday? So proud! Anyway pick up from play rehearsal at 5:15, rush to dance and then home to make dinner and get ready for today. I am really hoping for RAIN today because it is the school concert and Lu has baseball - how am I going to do that? And guess what? Tomorrow I will be 42-years-old. Maybe it does get worse than this! At the end of the day, or year, or century at least, I am hoping it will all have been worth it. Right now I could use some prozac. Betcha you could too.

Cara's two cents: Ugh I need a nap after reading that...


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