Friday, June 26, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: See now but I DO love summer...

I do love the hot weather. I would take a scorcher over a bone chilling day anytime. But I am what my husband called yesterday a “cranky ass”. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that it has been rainy and cloudy for the last I don’t even know how many days. Every time I clean up my backyard after the rain, I sweep, wipe, weed, scrub only to have it rain again and mess up everything. For the first time my basement got water because the pump mysteriously stopped working, so all the stupid carpet tiles have to be brought upstairs and outside to dry off. That would be fine if the SUN would only come out long enough to dry them off. Grr.

By now, I would have had a day or two to sneak off with a few mom friends to have breakfast at the beach during the last days of school. They are indulgent quiet, relaxing time outs before we have to take all the sand covered chicken cutlets with us whenever we hit the shore. By now, I would have had all my flowers planted and my gardens weeded and mulched. Thanks to the rain the weeds are doing marvelous but can’t say the same yet for my annuals. By now, I would have been walking every morning before school lets out and my schedule changes. But with this weather I don’t feel like getting dressed much less walk.

My husband the eternal optimist (although I did refer to him as Little Orphan Annie yesterday...maybe I am a cranky ass?) said not to worry the sun will come out tomorrow. Yeah ok. My weather man says scattered thunderstorms. Well if you don’t mind can you scatter them somewhere else ‘cause I am done. Like stick a fork in me I’m done. Seriously.

P.S. RIP Farrah and Michael. It's so surreal to me that these people have passed, especially in the same week. They were icons of my generation. I totally had Farrah hair and most of MJ's albums from the early days. Who didn't try to moondance? My daughter even sang "Thriller" this year with her choir, almost 30 years after it came out. They were part of my life even though I never knew them and it makes me sad.


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