Saturday, June 27, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Sleep

I can't sleep. I fall asleep but I can't stay asleep. It seems I get so tired that going to sleep is no problem but than my brain wakes up and starts thinking, waking me along with it and there I am watching infomercials at 2 am. TV at 2 am stinks. The only thing on is the Shamwow guy or Billy Mays or some guy telling you how to get rich selling real estate or an old Oprah rerun.

When I wake up, then the dogs wake up. If I come downstairs, it is a parade with the click-click-clicking of their paws behind me and me telling them to shush. They think if I am awake than it must be time to go out, get a treat and play - in that order. I have tried to explain that no treats are given at 2 am - but they don't listen.

I am a very light sleeper so I hear everything and often that triggers me awake. If one of the kids gets up to go to the bathroom, I go and check on them. If I hear a car door slam outside, I get up and check that it isn't someone breaking into one of the cars. If I hear voices on the street, I look to see who it is.

Last night it was Mae who kept me awake with the stomach flu. She had been sick all day and she tends to get dehydrated, so I stayed up most of the night to make sure she was ok. She finally stopped throwing up, got up this morning all happy and hungry and now I am finally ready to go to bed! But Mom's don't get the luxury of sleeping in the daytime. So I will make a pot of tea, stick some toothpicks in my eyes and go about my day. Next time you see me, please don't tell me how tired I look - believe me, I already know.


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