Monday, June 1, 2009

PostHeaderIcon June 1st – Four more days? Seriously?

I should be freaking as the Sweet 16 is fours days away. But I am not. I can remember the day she went to her first Sweet 16 party of a friend’s daughter. She asked “Does everyone get this?” I said, “Yes if they want, though some opt for trips or other gifts instead.” “Oh no” she said, “I am definitely having this!” And that was the beginning of the end.

No I’m kidding. I am as into having this as she is. I mean, she keeps telling me to stop calling it “my” party. Planning it has been fun, even though it seemed never ending at times. We have laughed and cried over pictures and songs. We found the perfect dresses. We have had a few “disagreements”. She says I am controlling (really?) and has called me evil on several occasions. We have our families here with us to celebrate. We have friends who can’t wait to come. We will dance and eat, laugh and cry. We will silently miss the ones who couldn’t make it or will be there with us in spirit. We will celebrate 16 years of having a wonderful daughter, grand-daughter, sister and friend.

We will create more memories and remember whens. It seems like it has taken forever to get here and I know the night will go too fast. Before you know it, we will blink and be saying the same thing about her wedding day. Although after this I have offered a wad of cash and have encouraged eloping. Something tells me though she won’t bite.

Jenn's two cents: I can't wait!


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