Friday, July 24, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Being nice...then not

* Extra Nice to nail girl…told me I was a nice girl and gave me an extra long hand massage

* Chatted it up with neighbor (not nicely) referred to as the Rock Lady…
she told me I lost weight. I was being too nice to tell her she probably needs new glasses.

* Trying like hell to be nice to the teenagers that I live with. Surprisingly, that seems to
be the hardest.

* Perused a website of a woman that annoys me…didn’t criticize her
(even in my head), and realized I could probably learn a thing or two from her

* Told my dog groomer what a great job she did on Ariel and she told me
Ariel is one of her favorite customers and she was so happy she was coming in that day.

Not as hard as I thought. I have decided that I will continue on this path throughout the weekend since I was pretty much in the house yesterday and didn’t have anyone new to be nice to. So we shall see what I learn from this. I can say that it hasn’t been that hard yet. I am finding that I may get more out of this that the otherwise poor suckers that would cross my path. I will let you know Monday what the outcome is. Having said that, I must now say…….

Cara: Real ass!

Am I the only one that does not watch any of those shows? Real Wives of “This or That” County? Seriously?

Well none of the Real Wives I know have diamonds dripping from every part of their bodies with the focus of the day being which crevice to get waxed.

Real Wives do laundry. They have to come up with ways to entertain their kids all summer long ‘cause they don’t send them to sleep away camp for 10 weeks. They buy their clothes on sale because they buy their kids’ stuff first. Not to mention they walk around with roots that would give Alex Haley a run for his money because there’s a list a mile long of things that have to get done before they can make a hair appointment for themselves. A Real Wife juggles work & summer camp like a circus performer. She and her husband are like two ships that pass in the night because of the crazy hours the husband works so she can live in the lap of luxury. (or lack thereof). I see those wives featured in trashy celebrity magazines on the red carpet with articles about what they were wearing to the latest premiere. Premiere? I am hoping to go to the premiere of a movie about talking Gerbils. Yeah that is real.

So no I don’t watch that show. Maybe I would if it was called “The Not so Real Wives” or something like that. Listen, I said I would be nice to people who I come in contact with not with fake people on TV.

Oh and Happy Birthday to Mae (see that was nice!)


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