Thursday, July 23, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: It never ends

If I could write a letter to our president it would go something like this:

Dear President Obama,

I need your help. Since the insurance industry has gone to hell in a hand basket, I cannot find an insurance company to write a policy for the new home I am purchasing. Apparently any home within a mile of a designated hurricane zone is uninsurable unless you are willing to pay gazillions of dollars. If you already have insurance you are golden but since I am new to the neighborhood, I am screwed. I guess between Katrina and AIG the insurance companies need to make up the $$ somewhere - starting with me.

Since you are encouraging the American people to help stimulate the economy, please give us a chance to do so. I would love to close on my house next week - this would certainly boost your numbers as far as home sales and mortgage numbers go - but there seems to be a backlog in underwriting so I will have to wait another two or three weeks.

If I could close on my house, then the movers could come and move me - thus ensuring those guys a paycheck next week. It would also mean I would be going to home depot to buy fencing materials and whatever other new homeowner crap I need.

I have heath insurance. I am very happy with my health insurance. We pay a lot as does my husbands company to have heath insurance. I get it that everyone deserves health insurance, but please don't take mine away and force me into yours. Work on insuring the people who currently don't have insurance, not on changing the whole system - baby steps Barack. Did I spell your name right? I know some folks working for you have been having some problems with that lately.

I am so glad that you and Michelle have date night - good for you. I wish I had that luxury. But my husband is always at work and I can't afford a babysitter for my kids - maybe instead of spending all that money flying to NYC, you and Michelle could sneak out for an ice cream in D.C. You could fly me to DC to babysit the girls, I could use a few extra bucks. You don't need to send the company plane - I'll go commercial.

Have a great week - hope North Korea keeps their missiles to themselves. I know you inherited the economy. I know you think you are doing your best - but sometimes your best isn't good enough so you need to start looking at other people's opinions (but not Joe's). Oh, and as far as the smoking goes - I don't think we should have a president who smokes - how can you tout heath and safety etc, etc, when you are deliberately contributing to the health issues this county is facing including that of smokers? Good luck with quitting.

I am sure I will have more to discuss with you in the upcoming months - like how you might try to work on your approval ratings - I saw your ratings compared to that of Carter's - that is not good. You really need to work on that. Start by stimulating more, smoking less - baby steps Barack, baby steps.

Cheers for now!


Cara's two cents: Amen sister!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Way to go, JM!

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