Saturday, July 25, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: Sleepovers

Yesterday was Mae Day. Her 11th birthday. It was a day long celebration beginning with Chocolate Chip pancakes and ending with Chocolate Cake - both made by me. In between there was a trip to the mall with Grandma to pick out a new bed set. There was lunch too. It was declared to be the best birthday ever (I think that has something to do with the fact she got a cell phone). We ended the day with dinner with some of her dance friends after class and then back to our house for cake. It was fun. One of the girls is sleeping over. We had to keep that secret though because another girl is not allowed sleepovers and no one wanted to hurt her feelings. The girls went to bed at 12:00 when I called it a night - I heard giggling for awhile but eventually they quieted down - they are still sleeping at 9:00 so I don't know how late they actually stayed up. I do know that Mae will be a crab today - she doesn't do well with sleepovers. She likes her sleep and we all feel it when she doesn't get enough.

What is it about kids and sleepovers? My kids beg for them all the time and I know some kids who rarely spend a weekend in their own beds. I don't mind once in awhile, but am not a big fan. Our kids do so much, that they need the night to rest and recharge. They need quiet family time. Mae was invited to a sleepover tonight but she is not going - I won't do two in a row and I don't like the step-siblings that will be in the house. Sleepovers were not as popular when I was a kid as they are now - I remember going to a few slumber parties for birthdays but rarely just a sleepover for no reason.

My boy comes home from camp tomorrow and I can't wait! I have missed him terribly. That being said, one less makes a huge difference. The girls get along better, the house is quieter, there seem to be less fighting among siblings. The milk lasts longer. There is a lot less laundry. I can't wait to here about his week - it will take him about 3 weeks to tell me - I will get bits and pieces over the next few weeks. I will hug him and kiss him for about two minutes and make him his favorite food for a day or two until we all settle back into our ususal routine with fighting and noise and laundry. Can't wait.


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