Monday, July 27, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Breakfast at Tiffany's

OK, not breakfast but some shopping! I went to NYC yesterday with Auntie S and JV and the Diva so she could pick out her Sweet 16 gift. Auntie S promised a trip to Tiffany's to buy her birthday gift so lucky me go to go along too.

If I was going to pick a week to be nice it’s a good thing I went there on the last day. It’s very easy to be nice in Tiffany's. They are the epitome of customer service. You will not find an orangutan anywhere. They don’t care if you are not there to spend $50,000. You are the customer and they are there to help you. They are pleasant, helpful, funny and well, nice.

Although the $535,000 (no exaggeration) engagement ring was not allowed out of the display case, the salesgirl was more than happy to let JV try on the $350,000 one. Is that nice or what?

Even after the purchases were made and we needed to have another Sweet 16 gift repaired, the customer service lady could not be more happy to help and get the clasp on the bracelet fixed, while we window shopped, strolled through a street fair and had lunch.

So Tiffany’s made the end of the Nice Test real easy. And even the zillions of people on the streets of NYC seemed nice. (tourists by the droves by the way…what happened to the bad economy??)

I have definitely learned that you get more bees with honey so to speak. It’s not that hard to be nice. I have had a few run-ins with people this week that tested my niceness. Like the mom at camp pick up that for some reason needed her car to be in the spot my van was in while I spoke with my friend. She needed to park right by the door to escort her larger-than-me-camp-counselor-son from the building and shook her head, and shot dirty looks at me while she had to pull into a spot a few spaces up, She then proceeded to point at me while she escorted her way-to-old-to-have-to-go-in-and-get-him son back to the car. My first reaction was to put my car in park and open my door to “check” if there was a problem…but I reminded myself out loud that I was being nice this week, and my friend reminded me too. So I did nothing but feel sorry for the large boy whose mom still has to walk him to the car at pick up. Sympathy is nice.

So I will try and be nice as I can be going forward. I am sure some days it will not be easy. But it does change how people react to me. I will never be nice at the expense of being taken advantage of. That would go against my grain. But I may experiment with being nice to people who may not deserve it at that moment. They may be having a bad day and need someone to be nice to them. I could be that person. Maybe.


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