Tuesday, July 28, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Jenn: All packed up and Nowhere to Go

Okay so I am not all packed up as the title implies, but semi-packed. I would guesstimate about 65% packed. Now all I can do is wait for my closing date. Everyday someone asks me when I am moving - let me tell you, no one wants an answer to that more than I do except maybe my kids. It's the hurry up and wait story. We have done everything we are supposed to do, signed every document sent to us. Given all we were asked and then some. Now it is all in the hands of the lawyers and banks. Coordinating the closings of both our sale and purchase on the same day. I now know more about homeowners insurance than the average homeowner. Everyday I e-mail my lawyer asking for a date and the answer is always the same - no date yet. Last week I was told two more weeks - somehow I don't believe it... I feel like this is the never ending story. It just keeps going and going. The good news is I have lost 8 pounds - that is what stress does to me - I can't eat. So I will put up with the stress for a little longer - maybe lose a few more pounds. I will let you know when we get a date.

Word of the Day: Intextication: texting while driving - sounds dirty doesn't it?


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