Sunday, July 26, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Grateful Sunday

1. Early to bed last night..feel rested today
2. NYC is just a car ride away
3. Girls day out
4. Rain stopped(?)
5. Easy friends
6. Well behaved teenage boys
7. Flip flops ( i am really grateful for them aren't I?)
8. My home where people feel comfortable to just pop in
9. Cats who walk through my legs while I brush my teeth
10. The heart of summertime...reality is still far enough away...for now

1. My boy comes home today!
2. Town Beach
3. Casey's annual wiffle ball game
4. Easy going cousins
5. Fire pits
6. Kids roasting marshmellows
7. Kids sleeping late (and their mom too!)
8. Earl Grey Tea
9. ebay
10. Long drives with my hubby


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Grateful Sunday


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