Friday, July 31, 2009

PostHeaderIcon Cara: Letting go

Lot’s of that going lately. The Diva got her driver’s permit. (holy crap) Her dad will take care of teaching her how to drive before Driver’s Ed officially starts. I will not be good at that. I will take her driving once she learns the basics like which one is the gas and which one is the brake. It slightly freaks me out to be the passenger in a vehicle that she is controlling (control issues… I know…I know…). She has driven a few times…not too bad. But still, I will ride shot gun at a later time, thanks.

Then I booked a flight for Junior to visit Grandma. Nervous about letting him go. Not about going to Grandma’s, he will have fun there and he is going with his best cousin. Grandma will spoil the heck out of them so they will be fine. I am just a little nervous about him being on a plane without us. It will be his first time. He is 14, and I know he will be fine. But I am nervous anyway…but I suppose it’s just the beginning of letting go. There will be a lot of that I guess going forward.

I watched my little guy without him knowing, stand up to a bigger kid at camp that took his football. The kid was a head taller than him but he didn’t care. He said “I don’t think so” and took back his ball. My first reaction was to go get the ball from bigger kid myself, me, being way more than a head taller than bigger kid. But he handled it, just like I taught him to. He stood up for himself and it was nice to see that he can.

So I let go. There’s nothing I can do about it but, I don’t have to be in love with the idea. Four years from now I will have two kids in college and a middle schooler. Yikes! I know four years is a long time but at the same time I know it will fly by. I will have to resign myself to the fact that I need to let go. And I will. Just a little at a time.

Jenn's Two Cents: Cara has been telling me for years to cut the cord - the first time I let my son go to MCD's after school she congratulated me - if it weren't for her he would probably still not be able to cross the street by himself - but once they take that first step at independence, they go, go , go. They always seem to come back at the end of the day - I hope that lasts a lifetime.


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