Saturday, August 1, 2009

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In my previous life I was a writer. A professional writer. My brief career consisted of writing for a major bridal magazine and a few of their sister publications. I loved it. After a few years with the magazine, I wanted more. I moved onto public relations. Still a writer, just a different kind. I wrote press releases and editorials for a major cosmetic company. I loved it. Fast forward a few years and my husband is offered the opportunity of a lifetime. We take it, I give up my job. I volunteer and still keep writing press releases and a newsletter for a major organization overseas. I love it. My first child is born and suddenly there is no more time for writing. I put it on the back shelf - think about lots of magazine articles I could write or book ideas floating around my head but there is simply not enough time. Second child is born and I am now a full time mom. I love it. We return to the US, I briefly return to work in public relations - now I am not only writing but a spokesperson and running all day long. I hate it. I miss my children. My husband and I decide, I will stay home full time and raise our children. I love it. So along comes this blog and the writing bug returns. I volunteered myself the other day to write a press release for my daughters ballet school -something I haven't done is 8+ years. But like riding a bicycle, it all comes back. I work and rework the release - 4 versions no less and finally send my final copy to the ballet school director. She loves it. I loved doing it. Now the wheels are turning - not sure where they are going - but it is a good feeling to do something you enjoy and get praised for it...if only I could get paid for it...


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