Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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(from Monday...)
Some days I wonder where the time goes. The two teenagers in the house basically don’t need me unless it’s for a lift somewhere. The little guy's in camp from 9-2…I know that’s practically all day. So why is it almost camp pickup time but I feel like I didn’t get anything done? Let’s back track shall we?

7:00 am alarm goes off. I hit snooze. I'm bewildered for a minute as to what day it is…feels like Sunday…can sleep awhile longer? Ugh, no it’s Monday. Mike needs to be up at 8:00 for camp…I need TWM* for at least an hour (*time without mike) so I get up. Thankfully I took a shower last night so I don’t need to do that, yeah.

7:15ish- 8:19 am Make coffee, feed four-legged kids, get newspaper from driveway, update blog and website, check email, drink ½ cup of coffee, Hubby comes flying downstairs…late for morning meeting. Why didn’t I wake him up??? (uh…ok)

8:20- 9:00 am – Get Mike ready…look for sneakers…pack lunch…make him breakfast...sign him on to Webkinz…feed fish…make his bed and tidy up his room covered with wrestling figures….drink some more of now cold coffee…get myself dressed…shove kid out the door...zoom to camp

9:02 am-9:15 am …shove kid into camp…check in with counselors…kiss kid…think "ok I am off to do my stuff for the day"...wave hi to friends…no time to chat gotta go….see friend who needs box for moving wait until she shoves her kid at camp counselors cause I have the box in my car…start talking to other friend meanwhile…box friend joins conversation…

9:15-9:35 am - give friend box…late friends pulls up…must tease her for being late…find that she is having a crappy morning…may cause bodily harm to oldest child when she sees him later…talk friend off the ledge by commiserating about it being in the air today that our kids may get it today too…talk for a while about this and that* (t&t meaning…husband, fresh kids, work, old people, beach, little girls who think they are too busy today to go their camp etc. etc. etc.)

9:40-11:00 – Check the blog…facebook…email again…drink more coffee…redo some of my shopping list because I already bought some of the stuff on it. I remember there are towels in the washing machine & put them in dryer…write self a note to put on dryer when I get back don’t like to leave dryer on when I am not home…make bed…feed cats again…they eat OFTEN... I really wanted to be home for like 20 minutes but end up being home for longer…still not exactly sure why… I think it’s the "One More Thing Before I Go Syndrome" whereas I keep trying to get one more thing done before I walk out the door…end up doing five things and then realize I gotta go…

11:00-1:00 – Food shop at two different grocery stores so that’s double duty of filling up carts with groceries, putting them on belts, packing them into bags, putting them back into wagon, taking them out of wagon and loading them in car, oh and don’t forget double the orangutan encounters! But, I was still being nice so that was not so bad. So I get home at 1:15ish and have to once again unload the bags and put the stuff away. Then it’s 1:45 and I have to go to camp pick up for 2:00.

So yes, I am a SAHM. I don’t have a 9-5 job…I have a 24/7 job. Hours are hell. Pay sucks. Employers can be a pain. But I still love it most days. Just don’t ask me what I do all day…as if I sit and eat bon bons. I really don’t think I sat other than between 8:20-9:00 a.m.
Time flies when you are having fun.


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